Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Mystery of the Missing Diamond

The Mystery of the Missing Diamond

It was a sunny afternoon in the Land of the Paragon. Princess Mollie was sitting in her curtain drawn room, reading a letter from Caitlyn, a fellow peasant who also happens to be her best friend. She is coming for a visit and they concurred that she is to stay for a month. Princess Mollie just couldn’t wait to see her.

They next morning, bright and early, she jumped out of bed with great enthusiasm.

“Ding dong.” Mollie raced to the door. She stopped to throw her silky blonde hair back and took a deep breath. Then, she threw the door open and there stood Caitlyn, in her tattered apron, practically jumping up and down with excitement. Mollie wrapped her arms around Caitlyn in a warm embrace.

“Here, I’ll show you my room,” said Mollie in a sanguine voice. They walked up what seemed like a thousand flight of stairs to Caitlyn since she wasn’t used to it. When they finally reached the royal bedroom, her mind was all garbled and had to lie down.

“Your bed is so comfy,” she said, examining the silk cover.

“Thanks, I just got it last week for my birthday. I wanted it in pink but they got me purple instead,” Mollie replied with a pout. The conversation continued until they heard a soft knock on the door.

“Come in,” answered Mollie casually. In enters a servant, pushing a polished silver cart with milk and a plate of chocolate chip cookies, giving off a redolent aroma.

“Can't we get just some more of the cookies?” Caitlyn asked meekly.

“Um, I don’t know, mom doesn’t allow us to have a too many cookies because they are not salutary. She told Sam here not to give us any more than a plate of cookies every day. Maybe we could get you something else?”

“But I want cookies!” whined the obstinate peasant, “Try to cajole him into bringing us some more.”

“Oh alright, and just so you know, you’re a glutton,” she teased.

That night during dinner, King Myke discovered that his precious diamond had been stolen.

“Alright, who took my diamond?” he bellowed across the table. “It was you was, was it not? ” he roared, pointing directly at Caitlyn. He always had his suspicions about her and now they were confirmed, or so it seemed.

“What?” Caitlyn stood up, accidentally knocking over a bowl of clam chowder, “I did not! I didn’t even go near that thing!” she rebutted, with a strand of spaghetti still hanging from her mouth.

“Yeah, I know Caitlyn, and i know she would never do that. And besides, who wants that stupid diamond anyways? It’s practically useless,” defended Mollie. "And uh, Caitlyn, I think you have something…there,” she added, pointing to her mouth. Caitlyn turned bright pink as she removed it with a napkin.

“Now now honey, it’s going to be okay, we’ll find the one who stole it,” said Queen Becci, trying to mollify her husband. “And young lady, don’t provoke your father about his diamond! You know how much your father cares about it.”

Caitlyn’s eyes began to tear up, and without a warning, ran up the stairs to Mollie’s room. She flung herself on top of her bed and started to cry. She was hurt and doleful that her best friend’s dad didn’t trust her and accused her of stealing.

“Oh come on,” assuaged Mollie, “I’m sure he didn’t mean it, he just overreacted. I mean, you are the only one, besides the family, who knows about that ugly and equally vapid rock.”

Suddenly, there was a shout. The girls rushed out and saw Mandy, a maid, standing with an opened velvet container. In it lies a diamond that sparkles like a star on a crystal clear night.. King Myke’s eyes widened as his face began to turn pale.

“Where did you find it?” his voice was hoarse.

“Y-your room your majesty,” Mandy stuttered, “I was cleaning it, just like you said. I just wanted to help you with the mystery.”

“So you stole the diamond and tried to vilify this poor innocent girl here?” Queen

Becci was outraged. “You nefarious malefactor!”

“But it wasn’t me! Someone must’ve put it there to frame me!” the king argued.

“Let me first remind you that you’re the only one with the key to that box. I bet you forgot to lock it because you were so lost in the thought of ruining her life.”

“Daddy! How could you do that?” Mollie was full of hatred for her father and loathed him with all her heart.

The king was laconic because he knew that he had just lost the battle.

After receiving a diatribe from the queen, he was sentence to five years of community service. Now it might not seem much of a punishment for framing someone for stealing, but after all, he is the king.

And as for Mandy, she was extolled by Queen Becci and Princess Mollie for her help. As a reward, she received an all expense paid vacation to the Kingdom of the Ethereal, where everything is heavenly and fine.