Friday, September 11, 2009

my summer reading essay

Anna Wang
September 10, 2009
Block F
Mr. B-G

Rebecca Berlin from Briar Rose
Isabella (Bella) Swan, Alice, and Jasper Hale from Twilight

Setting: airport, hotel and streets from Twilight

“I don’t want James or Victoria hurting any one of you,” whined Bella as she got out of the plane with Alice and Jasper, “I think I should just go back. I’m not worth all that trouble.”
“Don’t be ridiculous Bella,” said Jasper impatiently, “You are. And just think what would happen to Edward if you died.”
At that moment they bumped into a girl trying to find her flight.
“Um excuse me, I’m Becca. Do you happen to know which plane goes to Poland?” she asked. “I’m trying to find out about my grandmothers past. Gemma just died recently and left us with a little mystery.”
“Of course, its on lane 5. Good luck!” said Alice. Maybe after you discover you grandma’s past, you could give us a call and we could go do lunch or something,” she added with a smile.
Bella’s about to be hunted by James, they were trying to get her as far away from him as possible and yet all she thinks about is lunch with a complete stranger they had just met. Typical, thought Jasper with a grin.
“Sure,” answered Becca, “that would be great.” And with that she disappeared into the crowd.
A week later at their hotel, they got an unexpected visit from someone. Knock knock, went the door.
“I’ll get it,” Bella jumped up to get the door just for something to do. She felt like she was about to die of bored any minute soon. “Becca! We weren’t expecting to see you so soon. Come in please.”
“Thanks,” said Becca brightly as she stepped over the threshold.
Alice glided across the room from the couch to give her a hello hug. Jasper only smiled and nodded. Being new to his “vegetarian” diet, he had to be careful around humans. Their casual conversation soon turned into story time with Becca telling them all about her expedition to Poland. She told them how her grandmother was a refugee during the World War II and all the hardships she had faced at the extermination camp because she was Polish.
After a while, Alice suggested that they go out and grab some lunch. She didn’t need to eat but figured that Bella would be hungry since she hadn’t eaten since this morning.
“Great idea,” said Becca enthusiastically, “I’m starving!” With that, they all grabbed their jackets and headed out the door. Outside, the streets were crazy with cars going in every which direction. Suddenly, everything seemed to be going in slow-motion as Becca accidentally stepped in front of a red car.
“Watch out!” screamed Bella, but by then, it was already too late. Or so it seems. Jasper had also mysteriously disappeared from sight. Within just seconds, he reappeared at her side with Becca in his arms; her eyes wide open with surprise. Bella forgotten that vampires had super speed. He saved her just like how Edward had saved her not too long ago, she thought. Edward. She groaned. Oh how I miss him.
“W-what? How?” Becca managed to sputter, still trying to recover her breath from the shock she just had.
“Its nothing,” murmured Jasper, feeling guilty that he has given away their secret. But still, how could he let a car crush the life out of her?
“Its ok,” said Alice gently, “I think you should tell her, we can trust her. I can see it,” she tapped her head reminding them of her power.
“T-tell me what?” Becca eyed them suspiciously.
“We’re vampires,” started Jasper. ‘And being vampires not only mean that we suck blood but we also have super speed. And don’t worry, we only drink animal blood” chuckled Jasper when he felt her tense up, “I guess you could call us vegetarians.”
“Oh…ok,” said Becca, sounding as if she were deciding whether or not to believe them, “and before I forget, thanks.”
“No problem,” answered Jasper, “shall we do lunch then?”

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